10 Simple Garage Storage Ideas to Make Life Easier

The most common problem that homeowners face is not having enough storage. When your home doesn’t have enough storage it can quickly become overrun by coats, clothes, toys, shoes and household items that don’t have anyplace else to go. But for homeowners with garages the answer to your storage problems could be just steps away in the garage.

Using your garage to store items that you don’t want to keep in the house or items like toys, sports equipment and tools that need to be close at hand because you use them often is the smart way to offload some of the overflow from your house and yard.

The key to making your garage the solution to your storage needs is being willing to think outside the box. You need to assess your garage space and think creatively about the best way to use the space that you have.

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Some homeowners may even choose to keep their vehicles outside and use their garage strictly for storage or for working on hobby projects or home projects. If that’s the best way to use your garage and you need storage more than you need your car to be kept in a garage then you should do whatever you can to pack that garage with custom storage features so that you can use it effectively.

Smart design and great function can give you all the extra space you need to make your actual home function the way you need it to function and get all that extra junk out of the house and safely stored away.

With some creative use of the space in your garage, you can find storage for everything that is making your home overflow and still get the function you need from your garage. Check out these ten simple garage storage ideas that you can use to finally get the storage that you need:

Custom Cabinetry

One of the best ways to get the most storage space out of your garage is to have custom cabinetry installed that is designed to exactly fit the dimensions of your garage.

Having custom storage cabinets created will make the best use of the wall space that you have available and give you tons of storage that you can use for clothes, decorations, tools, and all those little things that you never seem to have space for.

Sliding Ceiling Storage

If you have a small garage you can install some sliding storage racks on the ceiling of the garage. You can use these sliding racks to hold sturdy storage bins filled with holiday decorations and other items that you don’t use very often. This is also a great way to store clothes since they are up high and away from any possible contact with moisture or pests.

Bike and Toy Racks

Whether you choose DIY bike and toy racks or install commercial hanging racks into the garage. Getting the bikes, skates and toys out of the way and tucked away neatly in a rack will free up space in the garage and help keep the garage organized.

It also will give kids easy access to their toys, bikes and other items without you having to worry about the kids digging through the garage to find their items.

Sports Equipment Hanging Racks

Do you have a lot of tennis rackets, bats, hockey sticks, skis, ski poles, hula hoops and other sports equipment scattered throughout the house and the garage? Organize all that equipment with neat hanging racks that will keep everything safe and store it in an orderly way. You can rotate the racks by season so that the equipment your family needs for the current season is always close at hand.

PVC Tool Holders

If you want a clever and functional way to store items with long handles like rakes, shovels, and other lawn and garden equipment you can cut a PVC pipe into pieces and mount the pieces on the garage wall. Put your long handled items inside the pipe pieces to keep them standing straight and prevent them from falling down or getting tangled in other items.

Countertop Work Space with Storage

Custom countertops are a great idea if you work in your garage frequently. You can get heavy duty countertops with storage underneath built for your garage just like the ones that you have in your kitchen so that you can work on crafts or projects in the garage and keep all your tools and supplies stored neatly out of site in the cabinets underneath.

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If you are short on space, you can also have folding counters installed that will fold flat against the wall when you aren’t using them so that you can maximize the space that you have available in the garage.

Rolling Island

Another smart storage solution for home craftspeople is a rolling storage island. You can store your tools and craft supplies in the drawers and cabinets and when you’re working on a project you can roll the island cart wherever you need it so that you can work wherever there is enough space in the garage or outside of the garage.

When you’re done working on your projects the rolling island can be rolled up against the wall and put out of the way so that you have enough room for your vehicles or other things.


The best way to make sure that your tools and supplies are out of the way but easy to get at is to use pegboards. Pegboards are cheap and you can hang them practically from floor to ceiling in the garage.

Use hooks and zip ties to hang your tools and small supplies from the pegboard and you’ll always have every tool that you need as well as some of your smaller supplies close at hand but also out of the way so that they’re not taking up valuable space in the garage.

Custom Shelving

If you don’t want to take on the cost of having custom cabinets built for your garage, another option that has a significantly lower price tag is custom shelving. Custom shelves will give you the use of the expansive wall space in the garage for storing bins and other items and give you loads of multipurpose storage space.

If you have heavy duty shelves built that can hold a lot of weight you will be able to use those shelves to store everything from outdoor holiday decorations to bikes and tools. Custom shelves are an inexpensive but very practical garage storage upgrade for any home.

Concrete Forming Tubes

If you don’t have a pipe cutter or don’t like the idea of using PVC tubes for holding items with long handles another option is inexpensive concrete forming tubes. These tubes are easy to get at any home improvement store or you can even order them from Amazon.

These tubes are long and can hold many items like rakes, hoes, shovels and other tools. They also can be used to hold skis and ski poles, tennis rackets and balls, bats and mitts, and other tools and sports equipment that you want to keep out of the way and organized.

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