6 Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

The garage door manufacturing industry is a $4 billion market. With such a high demand, it’s not surprising that there’s a vast number of garage door options available. From sizes and styles to material types and color patterns, the task of selecting one specific type of garage door for your home may seem overwhelming.

steel garage doors

However, when it comes to the type and material that you choose, here are six benefits that your home and your family will experience if you decide to invest in a steel garage door:

Boost the Safety and Security of Your Home

A burglary occurs in the United States every 18 seconds, according to the FBI. It’s understandable why many homeowners strive to find effective ways to prevent their homes and families from becoming part of that statistic.

Most criminals target weak spots that are easy to unlock in a matter of seconds – including unlocked aged wooden windows and doors. Many may view the garage as an open target since a growing number of homeowners seem to be more lenient with the attention that they pay to their garages regarding monitoring and security.

Investing in a steel garage door removes the weaknesses that criminals can easily target and manipulate with wooden garage doors. As a bonus, you’ll never have to worry about a steel garage door being flammable – such as during an unexpected house fire – as you would if it was wooden.

Boost the Value and Curb Appeal of Your Home

Another benefit of investing in a steel garage door is that it can enhance the value, beauty and overall curb appeal of your home. Whether you want to make your home more appealing for your personal satisfaction or to satisfy prospective buyers, you can accomplish both goals with this single purchase.

Whether the house was built decades ago or earlier this year, installing a high-quality steel garage door can help to elevate curb appeal. This creates a solid conversation starter for homeowners, but is a necessity for those looking to make their home stand out in the oversaturated real estate market.

According to US News, replacing the garage door with a high-quality option can increase the home’s value by more than $2,800. The same report calculates that you can receive an 85% return on your overall investment when replacing your garage door.

Even if the homeowner decides to go with a standard steel door instead of paying the added costs for a customized option, it’ll still help to increase the chances of a creating an attractive real estate deal and quick property sale.

Boosting the value and curb appeal of your home is nowhere near as important as its safety and security. However, the fact that steel garage doors can accomplish both ends of this spectrum makes it a worthwhile investment option.

Lasting Durability to Withstand Long-Term Damage

Think about the various types of potentially damaging forces that encounter a typical garage door year after year. Strong winds, freezing temperatures and inclement weather can cause a wooden garage door’s cosmetic appearance, efficiency, functionality and overall sturdiness to plummet over time.  Think about the costs required to repair, refresh and repaint the garage to prevent the value of your home and its overall appeal from declining at the same rate.

With steel garage doors, this type of burdensome maintenance and upkeep is drastically reduced. The strength of steel in general speaks for itself. Even though steel garage doors are lightweight options when compared to other materials, this strength comes in handy within areas frequently exposed to inclement weather and high winds.

Modern steel is rust-proof, which removes the need to worry about corroding overhead doors, creakiness and diminished functions. In addition to the damage caused by natural forces, one must also consider accidental dents caused by cars backing in or up to park, people bumping into it while playing sports in the driveaway and other typical scenarios in which the garage door is involved.

Other types of garage doors aren’t designed to withstand this type of treatment as well as steel doors. This type of resilience and lasting durability are nearly impossible to match by any other material used to make modern yet stylish garage doors.

Energy Efficient Solutions are in High Demand

Another benefit of a steel garage door is its energy efficiency. An increasing number of homeowners now want to invest in energy efficient solutions for their homes. Whether it’s for the applicable tax credits or long-term savings in related utility bills, energy efficiency has become a major selling point for homeowners, contractors and consumers in general. The cold, winter months always lead to a heightened awareness of energy efficient solutions due to the fluctuating cost of energy consumption.

A wooden garage door essentially turns that space into a freezer during the winter months. Within a house where the garage is placed under an occupied room on the second floor, you could easily double or triple the amount of energy required to keep that space as warm as the rest of the home. Steel garage doors present a more cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative – especially when they’re insulated with polystyrene or polyurethane. This type of insulation works hard to keep the heat in and the cold out, making your garage a more comfortable space during the winter while helping to keep your energy costs low.

Keep in mind that steel doors naturally offer your house more insulation than many other options. Therefore, the added value that comes from the additional insulation material should be viewed as a significant selling point.

Steel Doors Are More Affordable than Wooden Doors

It may seem like a steel garage door would be much more expensive than a wooden door. However, market studies have proven that the exact opposite is the case. The average cost of a customized wooden garage door is up to 3 times the amount of a steel alternative.

With a customized steel garage door, you can select from a wide variety of window designs, panel styles and paint colors to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating an old one, this level of significant savings in cost can play an integral role in the decision-making process. These initial savings are further complemented by the long-term savings of reduced maintenance costs and related expenses when compared to wooden doors.

When you take these savings into consideration along with the other benefits referenced above, choosing steel over wood for your garage door is a solid investment.

Always Consider the Long-Term Perspective

As is the case with many other purchases related to your home, you should always consider your garage door as a long-term investment. Instead of paying too much attention to the short-term expenses associated with steel doors or even the short-term benefits experienced with other material types, it’s highly recommended to view this investment with a long-term perspective. Steel garage doors can boost the safety and security of your home along with its market value and curb appeal.

Its structure and lasting durability add to its overall long-term value thanks to its natural resilience and ability to withstand various types of damage. In addition to the costs savings associated with buying a customized steel door versus a customized wood door, your family will also benefit financially from this energy-efficient solution.

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